2013-07-02 01:32:15 by WateryGrave

This will just be a header to let those who stop by here know that I will try to provide more content here as time goes along. I'm still learning Flash, but I'm getting better and better with it every time. I will try my best in making some cartoons that at least poke a chuckle out of a few people. Then it'll all have been worth it.

And I certainly wouldn't mind making a few friends here too.


First News Post

2012-10-14 20:30:33 by WateryGrave

Hello Newgrouds, this is my first news post as stated in the title. I've always wanted to make flash cartoons and do some voice over work. As you can see, I already uploaded my first flash toon and... gotta say I wasn't expecting so many views so fast and so many comments already. You don't see that happening on Youtube. Also I noticed there was a lot of... harsh criticisms o.O. Good God guys, this is my fist Flash cartoon! I know it's not exactly Egoraptor or Mayazaki, but come on! Cut me SOME slack...

nah it's all good. I honestly expected it. Like I said, I'm still learning Flash and working on all the technical issues. Like the preloader screen Idea. I honestly never would have thought of that. You learn something new every day.

Anyway, that's all for now. I promise I'll do better on my next one!